Island Nostalgia:
Larissa de Jesús

After coming across Larissa’s multidisciplinary artworks in social media, we had to reach out. We were attracted to her portraits and neo-surreal imagery that depict…

By Nabila Brache
Tropical Identity:
Joiri Minaya

We recently spoke to the artist Joiri Minaya, and she shared with us how her work has been the result of her experience in the…

By Joel De La Rosa
Emotion in Form:
Elizabeth Jaeger

Elizabeth Jaeger is a New York based artist who embeds emotions and experiences in her handmade representations of everyday objects and figurative sculptures. She also…

By Joel De La Rosa
The Personal & The Historical:
Francesco Arena

Francesco’s work leads one to think about Arte Povera, in the way he rethinks space, language, materiality, the role of nature in the work, and…

By Joel De La Rosa
Cultural Weaponry:
Gonçalo Mabunda

In our conversation with Mozambique-based artist, Goncalo Mabunda, we discuss the importance of materials in his work and how he takes rockets, pistols, rifles, bombs,…

By Nabila Brache
Art Over Politics:
Roger Ballen

In this dialogue with Roger Ballen, we talk about his former profession as a geologist, inspiration from within as opposed to the exterior, the shift…

By Joel De La Rosa
Sadikou Oukpedio

In a dialogue with Sadikou Oukpedio, we explore the relationship between humans and animals, his thoughts on color and materiality, and his advice to younger…

By Joel De La Rosa
Cultural Cross Pollination:
Wang Qingsong

A dialogue with Wang Qingsong, who although began his career as a painter transioned to photography. We explore his transition of medium along with topics…

By Joel De La Rosa
Art & Technology:
Bernardine Brocker

Bernadine Brocker is CEO and Co-Founder of Vastari. She is a huge proponent of technological innovation for the art world. She is also a scholar…

By Joel De La Rosa
The Present & Future:
Jean García

Jean García is a graduate of Political Science and Economics, with studies in Anthropology and Management. He is a fellow of the Singularity University, social…

By Rafael Gómez

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