Intersection of Books & Art:
Orlando Isaac

In this conversation, we have the opportunity to discuss the journey of an esteemed curator, Orlando Isaac. Discover how these diverse educational experiences have profoundly…

By Nabila Brache
Between Fantasy & Reality:
Jose Duran

Jose Duran has been a mentor and a source of inspiration to us for many years. Back in 2020, we interviewed him and reflected on…

By Nabila Brache
Segunda Generación
Guarionex Rodriguez, Jr.

We had the pleasure of interviewing talented Dominican photographer, Guarionex, whose lens captures the essence of culture and identity. He takes us through his different…

By Joel De La Rosa
Recontextualizing Caribbeaness:
Patricia Encarnación

Discovering Patricia’s art through social media was like stumbling upon a treasure of Caribbean identity and captivating visuals. Our connection deepened when we had the…

By Nabila Brache
The Two Sides of the Peso: Franz Caba

By Daniel Cortorreal
Washington Heights Surrealism:
Devin Osorio

We delve into the world of Devin Osorio, a visionary magic realist artist. In this dialogue we discover Devin’s deep bond with their Dominican heritage,…

By Nabila Brache
Island Nostalgia:
Larissa de Jesús

After coming across Larissa’s multidisciplinary artworks in social media, we had to reach out. We were attracted to her portraits and neo-surreal imagery that depict…

By Nabila Brache
Tropical Identity:
Joiri Minaya

We recently spoke to the artist Joiri Minaya, and she shared with us how her work has been the result of her experience in the…

By Joel De La Rosa
Art & Technology:
Bernardine Brocker

Bernadine Brocker is CEO and Co-Founder of Vastari. She is a huge proponent of technological innovation for the art world. She is also a scholar…

By Joel De La Rosa
The Present & Future:
Jean García

Jean García is a graduate of Political Science and Economics, with studies in Anthropology and Management. He is a fellow of the Singularity University, social…

By Rafael Gómez

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