Postmodernism & Transhumanism:
Mane Tatoulian

Ever since Mane Tatoulian was a child she would open boxes, take everything out, and slowly start to organize everything; this was the beginning of…

By Joel De La Rosa
Construction of Ideologies:
Sofía Gallisá Muriente

The Whitney Biennale has led us to come across Puerto Rican visual artist, Sofía Gallisá Muriente who dives into contemporary cultural institutions in search of…

By Joel De La Rosa
Melancholy & Photography:
Mateo Arciniegas

Stumbling upon Mateo’s profile on Instagram has led us to learn about a photographer conveying his emotions on immigration, life, and his experiences. In our…

By Nabila Brache
Cultural Exchanges & Art:
Los Bravú

We came across artistic duo Dea Gómez and Diego Omil’s work through the Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery. They are multidisciplinary artists taking influences from the different…

By Nabila Brache
In Conversation With
Raul Lopez

Raul Lopez is one of the designers we look up to, known for his work as co-founder and designer for HBA (Hood By Air) &…

By Joel De La Rosa
Caribbean Curator:
Danny Baez

Danny Baez is the co-founder and director of external affairs of MECA International Art Fair in Puerto Rico; co-founder and board member of the ARTNOIR…

By Joel De La Rosa
A Conversation with Mauro Ferreiro

Mauro Ferreiro is a songwriter, musician, electronic producer, and freelance creative from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He is one half of experimental jazz duo Error…

By Joel De La Rosa
Renaissance in the Caribbean:
A Conversation with Bony Ramirez

Bony Ramirez creates paintings with anatomically distorted subjects that reflect on social and political subjects. He incorporates a mix of Dominican motifs and Renaissance references.…

By Nabila Brache
Shadows & Demons:
An Analysis of Hulda Guzman's Paintings

Hulda Guzmán is an artist that takes us to intimate scenes full of warm colors and detail. She was one of the artists that represented…

By Nabila Brache
Digital Retrospective &
Conversation with Jose Duran

Jose Duran is a designer I looked up to when I was living in Santo Domingo and today I am happy to say that I…

By Joel De La Rosa

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