World On A Wire


Creative Direction // Joel De La Rosa & Nabila Brache

Photography & Lighting // Camilo Flores

Cinematography // Armando Ortega

Hair & Make Up // Valissa Yoe

On Set Stylist // Darlyn Alcequiez

Models // Anna Eberg , Ivan Aranda, Glenda Rivera, Gigi Roseney, Arian Rad


We are becoming a digitized species still grappling the ramifications of technology. Our main reference was Fassbinder’s 1973 film “World On A Wire” which centers around a corporation that manufactures a supercomputer used to generate thousands of “identity units”, or humanlike constructs built from digital information. These units are rendered with such complexity that they believe themselves and their artificial world to be real.The film really made us think about where the world is today, specifically with AI, and how it is moving towards singularity. We aim to question the relationship between illusion and identity, humans and machines, past and future.

World On A Wire


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