With our debut collection, we want to show a point of view by not only digging into our own culture, but also exploring others and bringing them together. We started with two major sources for inspiration, an arthouse Soviet film called The Color of Pomegranates by Sergei Parajanov and a Dominican Bachata music album by Raulin Rodriguez called Medicina de Amor.

We chose the film not only for its aesthetically strong images, but because of what the poet that the film is based on symbolizes. Parajanov chose the poet Sayat Nova because he was a symbol of brotherhood between different nations. We thought that was very relevant today. Regarding Medicina De Amor, it hit home for us. Bachata is essentially a vocal genre meant to tell stories. The tendency to manipulate language is a significant feature of bachata lyrics, which is exactly what we wanted to do with this collection. The album cover of Medicina De Amor was visually striking as it portrayed the artist Raulin shedding a tear. Being from a country full of machismo, for Raulin to show emotion publicly, was bold.

Both Sayat-Nova and Raulin Rodriguez use the pain and agony that can come from love in their poetry and we wanted to convey these emotions when creating images in collaboration with directors of photography like Dominik Panasiuk and RoAn Gil.